Terms And Conditions

This agreement is between you and the monotalent site at monotalent.com and monotalent.ir, the use of this site's services is subject to your agreement to these terms. Please read the rules contained on this page carefully before using the site. With the use of the facilities of the "monotalent" site, it will be considered that you have agreed to the terms of "monotalent without conditions."
If you do not agree to any of these rules, you must stop using this site. Please note that non-compliance with the rules may result in the closure of all or part of your account.
The "monotalent" site may modify all or part of these rules at any time without prior notice. The patches are valid from the time the site is registered.
This document contains the terms and conditions of membership of the website for the use of its services.

In this text, we use words and phrases that define each of these:
 Jobseekers: someone who has been a member of the "monotalent" site and is looking for a job.
 Employer: A company holder looking for workforce.

Employee and Employer Information and Specifications:
You are solely responsible for the information and specifications that you place on the monotalent site. The "monotalent" site only serves as a place to introduce the relationship between employer and employer. But it does not guarantee the release and registration of all the information and specifications that users place. The "monotalent" site reserves the right to remove information and specifications that are inconsistent with the rules of the site or ethics and threats to the business, or the history of the site or the like. And follow up on the law.

The employer agrees:
The Client is not authorized to redistribute the content of the site.
The employer does not use his account to create false and misleading work.
The employer does not create things that are contrary to the current laws of the country, and are against ethical principles.
The employer respects all the rules placed on the site.
The Jobseeker agrees:
The Jobseeker is not authorized to redistribute the content of the site.
The Jobseeker respects all the rules placed on the site.

This website does not have any obligation to hire a jobseeker for required jobs, but it is done according to the needs of the employer.
Any hack and cyberattacks on the Monotalent website will be done in accordance with the computer crime laws of the competent authorities.
. Monotalent does not have any responsibility for the content of the employee's resume and the accuracy of these matters. Employers need to take the necessary examinations when hiring jobseekers.


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